Hybrid Meeting for Worship (in-person and remote)

Worship begins Sunday mornings at 10:30AM Eastern time.

We are currently experiencing “hybrid worship”, where those who choose and are able attend in person at the meeting house, and others participate remotely via Zoom.

To join us by Zoom, please email clerk.nbquakers@gmail.com for details.

An Invitation

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) is a spiritual community based on the belief that every individual can have direct access to the Divine. A central unifying concept for Quakers over the past 350 years is that there is a spark of the Divine within all people. Quakers express this in phrases like “the Inner Light”, “that of God within us”, or “the Inner Christ”. By whatever name we relate to this Divine attribute, we seek to relate to all others on this level.

This is the basis of our spiritual community. Believing this we aspire to be an open and inclusive community, affirming the diversity of our individual spiritual paths while seeking that unity which transcends our human differences.

We invite you to worship with us, regardless of your ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious background, or other worldly attribute.

We are an unprogrammed Quaker meeting, meaning that we worship together in silence, expectantly waiting on the Spirit. No minister leads us; no formal prayers are said nor hymns sung; no religious symbols are displayed. During worship we pass through distracting thoughts to the still center. We wait for the Spirit to speak in and through us. Vocal ministry is welcome from anyone who is so moved. Sharing in the silence and the spoken word draws us closer to God.

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Worship with us!


New Brunswick Quaker Meeting House
109 Nichol Ave
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
United States

Meeting Times


Worship: 10:30 AM

The meetinghouse is fully wheelchair accessible.

Childcare available.